DIY Portable Vibrating Deep Tissue Massage Gun is Here

Strong, vibrating and Long lasting

20 Gear Frequency Adjustment

HD LCD display and touch screen

AI Intelligent Chip

Built-in press feedback system, according to pressure to adjust the motor output power

Portable and light-weight

High quality elastic paint, with a soft and comfortable grip

Wincy Fit Massage Gun

Box packaged in style


1. Reduced recovery time
2. Increased blood flow
3. Clears lactic acid
4. Releases muscle knots
5. Breaks down scar tissue
6. Increased range of motion

Product Assurance

✔️ 15 Days Buyer Protection

✔️ 30 Days Cash Back Guarantee

✔️ 1 Year Warranty

Comprehensive massage experience


Strong, Comfortable and Relaxing

  • High Frequency and Level Adjustment

    Vibration principle hammering style for dissipation of fatigue

  • Battery Capacity

    Safe energy-saving in-built lithium battery that lasts long

    Choose from our wide range: 2500mAh - 6000mAh

  • Power

    Strong power to massage muscles, warming up, soreness relief, injured muscles, muscle pain and activation AND tightness relief

  • Comfort and Experience

    The ergonomic massage head provides a comfortable massage experience while reducing the damage to bones and collaterals.

Technical Details

4 Heads

1. U - Head for vertebrae

2. Small Round Head for joints

3. Ball Head for large muscle groups

4. Small Flat Head for all parts of the body